Karriewhitchit Burmese

Our Family

Natalie (Kastanje Celesta)
Natalie was the matriach of our Burmese family and she had many beautiful kittens over the years.  She spent many years with us retired and leading a very leisurely lifestyle eating and sleeping but still ruled the roost at home with the other girls!  Unfortunately we lost Natalie at sixteen years young and we miss her dearly.
  muriel 4
Murray (Prefere Verismo)
Murray is the first boy to join our family.  He was born on the 9th August 2007.  Here he was as a kitten.  Murray is always talking to me to get my attention and loves a long cuddle. 
Murray is now all grown up and became a dad for the first time at the end of September 2008!  Since then he has produced some amazing litters with as much character as he's got.  He has starred on the front cover of Your Cat magazine, September 2008 issue so I'm really proud of his celebrity status!
Murray Photoshoot 1   Cats2014 (47)
Polly (Karriewhitchit Pollyanna)
Polly is a Tortie Burmese which gives her a distinct colouring.  She is an adorable cat who is full of life. Every litter that she produced was always exciting because she has the potential to have any of the 10 colours of Burmese so I never knew what she was going to have. Polly has now retired but remains integral to the family.
Polly Adult 01 
Karrie (Oyibo Karrie-Whitchit)
Karrie has a fabulously friendly personality and whenever I put face near me she kisses me and has passed this trait onto some of her kittens who have lined up to be kissed.  Her best friend is Polly and between them they get up to mischief especcially since they have retired together!
Karrie 01  Karrie 02  IMG_0220
Lucy  (Oyibo Lily of the Ballet)
Lucy, a chocolate, was born in July 2012.  My beautiful, fiesty and strong-willed girl.  She's knows her own mind but also shows all the loving characteristics of the Burmese. 
 cats2014 (45)
Jazz (Karriewhitchit All That Jazz)
My lilac girl is a brilliant mother and tends to her kittens expetionally well.  She has particular soft spot for Murray and they frequently chirp at each other through the kitchen window.
Burmese-1020   Burmese-1022
Mimi (Karriewhitchit Mimosa)
Little Mimi is Murray's daughter but her soft spot is for Walter.  Her beautiful kittens are a delight.
Grace (Karriewhitchit Nefertiti)
Grace is now my only blue lady who has had 2 litters of stunning kittens to date.  Her best friend is Walter as they grew up together in the house. 
Bella (Oyibo Lady Mary)
Is my pretty blue tortie.  She is the most placid of my girls and when the rest are playing and getting a little boistrous she takes herself off with Karrie to watch them peacefully from up high to ensure non of it gets too out of hand. 


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