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KARRIEWHITCHIT, n. A Scottish term of endearment for a small animal

From the day I bought my first two half Burmese Torties, Nina and Nancy, I realised that there was something special about Burmese cats.  They become a member of the family incredibly quickly as they are intensely social, they have to join in with everything you do around the house.  They each have strong, individual personalities and are a joy to get to know.   
In 1996, I expanded my Burmese family with Natalie, a beautiful Chocolate girl, who had my first litter of kittens.  Looking after Natalie and her kittens was so enjoyable that I kept her daughters Morag (a blue) and Maggie (a lilac).  They were wonderful mothers.  I and the mother work as a team to bring up each litter of kittens to be spectacular pets for another family to love as much as we do.  In 2007, we added a boy to the family and now Murray (also know Minty) has proved himself a successful dad.  And then Walter joined the family in 2016.  Currently my breeding girls are, Lucy (chocolate), Jazz (lilac), Mimi (brown), Bella (blue tortie) and Grace (blue).

I strongly believe that it is really important to play with kittens and get them used to playing with people so that by the time they join their new families they are fully socialised.  I abide strictly to the GCCF (The Governing Council of the Cat Fanciers) guidelines and kittens are not allowed to go to their new homes until they are 13 weeks old.  My kittens are GCCF registered and fully vaccinated including leukaemia, vet checked, microchipped and wormed.  All my girls and Murray have been tested as Normal against Burmese Hypokalaemia.


I often have kittens available to go to good homes.  Please check my 'Kitten' page.


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